Marvell SC offers true cross-Atlantic, multi-media marketing & communications expertise, without the hassle and delays of large, quasi-connected networks in large agencies.

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We work closely with you

You can count on us as if we're one of your own. We are always just a call or message away, straddling internal and external expectations.

We adapt to your needs

No matter what, you can always be confident that we ensure the work is perfectly adapted both to your business and your stakeholders’ interests.

A Swiss Army service

New communications technologies combined with our deep experience in complex organizational challenges means we can jump in and jumpstart your communications initiatives today.

Founder of Marvell Strategic Communications

Marvell Strategic Communications was established by Zeyna Ballée

Zeyna brings nearly two decades of experience in strategic communications in the U.S. and Europe to her corporate clients of multiple scales and industries including health care, energy, IT, tourism and many more. 

Before creating Marvell Strategic Communications in 2011, Zeyna was Vice-President for Advocacy and Reputation Marketing & Communication at The Glover Park Group. 

During her seven years with Glover Park, the leading public affairs and communications firm in Washington, DC, she designed and advised reputation campaigns for leading companies in multiple industries, including EDF, Pfizer and VISA. she has also run winning advocacy campaigns for non-profit organizations facing regulatory or legislative challenges including the UN Foundation, the ACLU and Al Gore’s climate advocacy group, The Alliance for Climate Protection.

Zeyna has a diverse background which includes advertising strategy for British Airways and Miramax accounts with M&C Saatchi in New York City. While at the Paris office of global law firm Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, she contributed to the International Chamber of Commerce’s rules and guidelines on Arbitration, Expertise, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Earlier in her career, she brought together the works of Arab and Israeli poets in a volume called Hundred Hearts, which she edited for La Jolla, California-based SPS Studios.

Zeyna holds bachelor’s degree in English, summa cum laude, from Princeton University, with a Certificate in French Language and Culture. She lives in the Aix-Marseille area of France with her husband and two daughters.